Blue-ray I Am Hardwell 'United we Are' Hockenheim

Blue-ray I Am Hardwell 'United we Are' Hockenheim

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Available now in a very limited edition, Hardwell's final show in 2016 of the 'I AM HARDWELL - United we Are' world tour at Hockenheim!

After doing so many great shows in amazing countries all around the world, we closed the "United We Are" world tour in 2016 at Hockenheim!🔥 This grand final was a gigantic 7-hour event together with familiar "I AM HARDWELL" artists who joined me during my biggest show till that date! 

Do you want to watch the entire liveset of my final "I AM HARDWELL - United We Are" world tour show? The DVD of my concert (including exclusive behind the scenes content) is out now and you can get it in my shop!